About me

Fun with my assistant BOB the punching man, he’s (h)armless!

About me, I don’t claim to be an expert, but with 30 years’ experience in the fitness industry I have certainly learned what does and doesn’t work when it comes to personal training, and giving the client what they want and pay for is the name of the game.

No matter how good or experienced anyone is, they didn’t start at that level, they started like everyone else did with no experience, many people tend to forget this. Myself, I left school weighing 130lb and lifting weights transformed me physically into a stronger body. Martial arts gave me the confidence and skills to fear no one.

So, basically when you come to me as a beginner, I know exactly how you feel because back in the day I was you! I will gladly help you become a better, fitter, more confident and stronger you!

What I write about

Demonstrating a different use for a speed bag!

My blogs are primarily about Self-defense, but also cover general fitness and nutrition too. So, basically, whatever your interest or field of fitness is, you’ll feel at home here.

Who do I write for?

Yes that means you too!

Apart from anyone who is interested in general fitness, my blogs reach out to people who may potentially be the victim of attack, by promoting self-defense, and making people situationally aware, in other words to make people think twice before going out as you could unintentionally be putting yourself at risk. It`s very important to be aware of your surroundings and the people in them. That is the ultimate goal of my blogs.

What you’ll get

Showing my wife how to escape from a wrist grab

You’ll get useful information and hopefully blogs you’ll find interesting that cover every aspect of general fitness and self-defense. As I explained in the previous paragraph, my ultimate goal is to make people more aware, and if my blogs save at least one person from attack, then my efforts have been well worthwhile.

Where should you start?

Start at the beginning with my first blog, which is my bio. That will give you the best insight as to who and what I am. After that, just browse through and see what catches your eye. Enjoy!

My credentials and achievements

My gym – The Backyard Gym, Round Rock, Texas

I have been a certified personal trainer for 30 years and hold numerous certifications, I have Kickboxed for 15 years, also have a 3rd degree black belt in Japanese Ju-Jitsu, also trained in Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Krav Maga, Wing Chun and Muay Thai.

In 2018 I opened my own gym called `The Backyard Gym` which saw me move away from personal training slightly, to focus on my real passion of self-defense and kickboxing. Now, that’s really about me.

I have devised my own style of self-defense called `Street self-defense` which is a no-nonsense approach martial art based on evading and escaping an attack, the elaborate moves on the movies look great but will not help you at all if you’re attacked simply because they don’t work, this does!

You don’t have to be Bruce Lee or a black belt to defend yourself. Street self-defense works for anyone-from young kids being bullied at school to the elderly out walking their dog at night-and allows everyone to effectively protect themselves and is proving to be a big success.

Here at the Backyard Gym we are running an ongoing campaign to try and help young kids overcome this terrible issue by giving them the confidence and skills to protect themselves. It`s one thing to know what to do, but, it`s another thing entirely to have the confidence to stand up to a bully and use those skills. That’s why I believe we have developed the all-around package for kids to successfully be able to do both and live their lives free of bullying.

How I got started

My very first set of weights, plastic sand filled! Got to start somewhere!

It all started many years ago, when a documentary called `Pumping Iron` came on TV. Not knowing anything about this I decided it may be worth watching, so I settled down and was completely shocked by the size of these monsters filling my small TV screen, after about 15 minutes I realized these were real people and not some camera or computer enhanced figures.

Right from that moment I knew I was destined to become a `Gym Rat` for life!  (Read full version of this in my updated bio). Anyone who hasn’t seen this documentary I urge you to do so, as it`s extremely interesting and motivating.

So, that’s how I started my journey into a lifetime of fitness…The rest as they say, is history. That’s enough about me, now enjoy my blogs.

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