Stressed? Kickboxing may be the Answer

Stressed? Kickboxing could be the answer.

Stressed? Kickboxing may be the answer. There are many ways to achieve this, and sadly many people choose the wrong way, by getting into fights, which of course can lead to more stress, and even injury. The best way and most fun way is to hit a bag, that way no one gets hurt, whether it be boxing or kickboxing, both are excellent forms of exercise and give stress-relief.

More realistic than shadow boxing

Punching or kicking a bag after a frustrating day at work is certainly a great stress reliever. To actually feel the contact of your punches against a solid object will feel more realistic and put you in a better frame of mind should you be stressed out that particular day. De-stress and have fun doing it.

You just can’t pretend to punch, you need feedback and by visualizing the punching bag as a symbol that was the source of your stress and aggravation for the day as you pound it with punches is a much more productive method than using negative ways of relieving stress such as getting physical with someone, relieving stress in a negative manner simply leads to more stress. Stressed? Kickboxing could be the answer. A punching bag will ultimately allow you to express and release your frustration and relieve your stress without getting yourself into trouble or hurt.

So many benefits

Kickboxing will give you stress relief; this also provides many positive benefits. You will, however, not learn the practical application of the techniques that you practice until you apply them to a target or punching bag. Learning to gauge distance and effectively landing your punch flush on a target takes practice by striking a solid object such as a punching bag, not just shadow boxing which only gives a false sense of security where punching is concerned. You can be in for a rude awakening if you think you can actually use these techniques for self-defense purposes unless they are ingrained and there is a total understanding of their application.

When you are performing kickboxing, you are not only getting a great fun way of getting your important cardiovascular exercise, but also learning valuable self-defense skills at the same time which of course is a very important added benefit.

Is Cardio Kickboxing Good for Self Defense?

Cardio kickboxing can be useful for a self-defense situation. It’s much more proactive and beneficial to learn cardio kickboxing than weight training when it comes to a real-life self-defense situation. However, cardio kickboxing won’t give you all the tools when it comes to defending yourself. The reason why I say this is because cardio kickboxing’s main focus is to lose weight and get in better shape. It’s normally not the instructor’s main goal to prepare you for a self-defense type of situation.

The reasons why cardio kickboxing can be good for self-defense is because it involves basic striking techniques that you could use in a self-defense situation if your life depended on it. Low kicking someone in the street can be one of the most useful strikes to deter an attacker. This type of strike is also useful if you find yourself in a street fight scenario that you can’t talk your way out of.

Does this mean you shouldn’t take cardio kickboxing classes? No, it just means that you shouldn’t take these types of classes if you’re ultimately seeking the psychological security of knowing you would be prepared in a real-life situation involving an attacker. You’re better off buying a can of mace or possibly taking other MMA classes for self-defense.

Training with BOB the punching man

Training in boxing and martial arts often involves spending hours striking a punching bag. The disadvantage of training with a regular bag is that you are practicing on an unrealistic object instead of a body. Century Martial Arts has solved this problem by developing the Body Opponent Bag or better known as BOB. BOB is basically a punching bag in the shape of a male torso and head mounted on an adjustable stand offering a height to suit everyone no matter how short or tall you may be. Trying to throw a head or body shot on a regular bag is all guess work as there are no actual body features to aim at. What could be better than hitting something that even looks like a person without getting into trouble or injured. Achieve stress relief in fine style.

Ideal for all types of disciplines

For example, performing an upper cut is one very big obvious advantage on BOB who unlike other punching bags has the chin readymade to receive your blows. That is an extremely difficult punch to perform on regular punching bags. Trying to land uppercuts on traditional punching bags is very frustrating as the punch simply slides off the edge of the bag, but with BOB you can accurately land an uppercut on the chin and see how the blow impacts the opponent. As with all punching techniques, hands must first be protected before punching. Striking an object incorrectly can lead to hand injuries such as sprains and broken bones.

Elbow strikes are one of the most devastating weapons in a fighter’s arsenal. To correctly perform an elbow strike, stand close to BOB at roughly a 45-degree angle. Line the point of your elbow up with BOB’s solar plexus. Using the hips to generate power, twist your body toward the opponent while keeping your arm tucked tightly extending the elbow toward the target. Upon impact the arm should be on an even plane as the shoulders. Elbow strikes can be used on multiple areas of the body such as the solar plexus, ribs, throat the jaw and the side of the neck, all of which can be practiced to perfection on BOB.

Kicks and knees can also be performed on BOB with ease, you must however first make sure he’s set to a height that’s comfortable to practice your kicks on as when your legs get tired it`s a natural tendency to drop your range which could lead to striking the adjustable frame instead causing injury to your foot or leg. Find your range with various kicks and practice pin-point accuracy on areas such as the head and ribs.

If Thai-boxing is your chosen sport BOB is perfect for practicing knee strikes, with BOB having no arms simply get in close as you would in a clinch with a real opponent and bring your knees straight up high underneath his shoulders or rotate your hips and deliver knee strikes to the ribs from the side. Similarly, knee strikes to the chin can be performed and perfected on this very versatile unique human looking punching bag. Certainly, a fun way to achieve stress relief.


Stressed? Kickboxing could be the answer. Whatever is causing you to be stressed, make sure you don’t choose an option that can lead to more stress and injury, for example, caused by getting into street fights. Boxing and self-defense classes are an excellent choice of stress relief. Plus, you learn valuable skills and have fun learning them. Stressed? Kickboxing may be the answer. What could be better?

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