Warning! Accidents can happen in the gym

My own painful experience

Having been working out now for the best part of 30 years I’ve been fortunate to avoid any serious injuries, especially when you consider I had no idea what I was doing the first few years, it’s a wonder I didn’t cripple myself back then considering I had no real guidance, a case of trial and error, mainly error, and with lots of pain to show for my efforts.

So apart from the usual sore muscles and aches and pains, I’ve escaped any real injuries…Oh, apart from when a little mishap on the leg press resulted in me being unable to walk for 5 weeks! Most injuries usually occur due to lifting too heavy and not performing exercise correctly due to inexperience. But what if you’re an experienced personal trainer? Even then, with many years of experience, freak accidents can happen, read on…

Car keys in your pocket, not good!

It`s Friday, and it`s leg day. The reason it being leg day is simple it’s going to hurt like hell! Plus, it will give me the weekend to recover! After all, how many people do legs on a Monday? Not many as it’s not too much fun hobbling around trying to work with legs that won’t cooperate. I was expecting some pain afterwards but not quite like the feeling that was coming my way.

After doing various leg exercises such as squats, leg extensions and leg curls it’s now time to hit the leg press, my favorite way to finish off the legs is to perform sets of 20 reps starting off with 200lb and ending at 1000lb and coming back down again, 100lb heavier each set till I reach my heaviest set then 100lb lighter till I’m back where I started, get the picture right? I have performed this ‘grand finale` hundreds of times without incident. Today however, was going to be different.

For some reason unknown to myself I decided to leave my car keys in my pocket today! Everything was fine until I reach 400lb coming back down-which is only 2 sets away from ending this workout-then disaster strikes! The largest key in my pocket has positioned itself just above my right testicle! And with the help of 400lb behind it the key goes straight into my groin. Now, with my legs being so pumped this doesn’t hurt like you’d expect. I kind of figured this isn’t a good thing that had just happened but had no idea the damage that could have, and did happen, that I had inflicted on myself.

“Does it hurt?”

At this time, I happened to be working a night shift in a local factory, so when I get home, I go to bed thinking my sore groin will be ok later when I get up to go to work. When I wake up the pain is incredible! Also, very swollen, no work for me tonight. I call in and explain the situation to my supervisor who proceeds to laugh like crazy and asks, “Does it hurt?” Maybe it`s human nature to laugh at other people’s misfortunes when it comes to injury to this delicate area of the body, but everyone seems to find this very amusing indeed! I can assure you I didn’t find it the least bit funny!

Next morning it`s a trip to the Doctor who asks, “Does it hurt?” after a quick check down below she sends me on my way to the hospital, and I swear she had something that resembled a smirk on her face! So, now at the hospital my right testicle is doing a very convincing impression of a baseball! That’s how big it is now.

Surrounded by pretty nurses!

A very attractive nurse comes in and puts a rubber glove on and asks, “Does it hurt?” while balancing the offending body part carefully in her hand. Then she leaves and is replaced by another pretty nurse who proceeds to do exactly the same thing and of course asks “Does it hurt?” she then says, “This is a freak accident” Oh really? Seriously? Who would have guessed that! She is replaced by yet another pretty nurse. Now, having your balls held by all these attractive nurses might seem like ecstasy, but considering my delicate injury it`s absolute agony! They take a scan and conclude no serious damage has happened as the key hadn’t quite punctured the skin, just very heavy swelling and bruising.

As I’m in no condition to go out at the weekend I call my friend and explain what has happened, he immediately bursts into hysterical laughter and asks, “Does it hurt?” Now, I’m not looking for sympathy, but a little understanding wouldn’t hurt.

For the next few weeks I’m confined to the bed and can only lay on my right side and even the pressure of the bed sheet is excruciating. This is especially hard considering I’m an active person, but now with nowhere to go and nothing to do I’m not a happy camper, slight understatement!


Anyway, to cut a long painful story short, I couldn’t walk for 5 weeks! After which the swelling finally went down and I returned to work and the gym but kept a safe distance from the leg press! In fact, I never performed that particular routine ever again. Always remember, safety in the gym is a must! Even down to leaving your car keys in your pocket on leg day isn’t the greatest idea, I should know, I speak with painful experience.

Oh, and to answer everyone’s question of “Did it hurt?” yes, it hurt like hell!

Have you ever had a freak accident in the gym? If so, what body part and exercise were you performing when it happened?

Author: selfdefensespecialist

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