Attacks can happen when you least expect them

Today we deal with the real fact, an attack can happen anywhere, anyplace and to anyone! Even places in daylight that should be safe aren’t always. Be on your guard always, no matter where you are.

What should have been a nice relaxing walk with his dog turned out to be anything but that for retired carpenter James Wilson 78 of Houston Texas.

9am Sunday morning before church James Wilson and his pet Yorkshire Terrier Rover set off across the local golf course for their early walk before it got too hot, the sun was already out, and it was a glorious day.

Mr. Wilson relives the attack…

“All I can really remember was being approached by a young kid, well I say kid, but probably in his early 20`s who was way bigger than myself. He asked me for the time, as I turned my wrist around to look at my watch, he suddenly lunged forward twisting my wrist further around and punched me in the face. I must have blacked out because some time later a couple of golfers came across myself unconscious after being alerted by Rover who they said was barking relentlessly and himself had been injured in the attack too, thankfully they called an ambulance.”

James Wilson suffered a dislocated shoulder, broken nose and broken cheek bone in the attack, even his little dog required surgery at the vets after being kicked.

Mr. Wilson added “What on earth is wrong with these people nowadays?  Whoever did this I hope you’re proud of yourself! Not content with beating an old man you also hurt a tiny little dog. What a big tough guy you are! Pathetic is what you really are!”

Both are recovering well after this cowardly attack, but Mr. Wilson is too scared to walk alone again preferring to wait till a group of friends can go with them.

“After the attack I have to admit it really made me nervous about going out walking again, but I’m not going to be a prisoner in my own home, so I decided to get smarter and get together with a group of friends and not walk alone anymore.”

Local Police are investigating this cowardly attack, but as of now no one has been charged with this attack and with no evidence on camera it`s unlikely anyone will be brought to justice.

This attack just shows how vulnerable someone can be in what most would seem to be a safe situation. It happened in a public place in broad daylight which really goes to show that an attack can happen anywhere.

If Mr. Wilson had known a little self-defense it`s possible this attack wouldn’t have ended so badly with an attack on himself and his little dog. It also shows how much evil there is around nowadays with this totally senseless attack.

Something as simple as carrying a walking stick whether he needed one or not would have been a very useful tool to use as a weapon to defend himself with. It`s always a good idea to have something in your hand just in case.

Even at 78 years old, this is a good example that proves you don’t need to be no Bruce Lee to defend yourself! Just think about where you`re going and prepare yourself for the unexpected. It can and does happen.

Have you experienced such an attack in broad daylight in a place you thought perfectly safe? If so, did anyone come to your rescue or did you have to deal with the situation by yourself?

Author: selfdefensespecialist

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