Be on your guard in the parking lot at night

Just because a parking lot might have lights and cameras just doesn’t mean you are safe from attackers! Be careful.

An attack can happen anywhere at anytime! Everyday situations like walking across a store parking lot at night is a prime example, just because they might have video cameras around doesn’t deter every attacker, remember, desperate people do desperate things! Be on you guard always!

Getting the groceries late at night after work had never been an issue for Susan Randall 48 of San Diego California until one night when things really took a turn for the worse.

“I always tried to park my car under a light even if it meant walking a little farther to the store, so I can say I was aware of possible danger but never expected it to happen to me at all.”

“Then one night as I was walking back to my car, I was approached by a young man who punched me in the stomach so hard I immediately doubled up and fell to the ground in agony! He ran away with my purse. I could sense he had bad intentions but as my hands were both tied up holding bags of groceries, I could do nothing to defend myself. So, I guess you could say I was ready for it but then again I wasn’t because I couldn’t get my hands free in time to stop the attack.”

The whole incident was captured on the store security cameras in the parking lot and a 23-year-old was charged with the attack by local police two days later. He was a well-known drug addict with a string of violent attacks to his name. He received a 6-month prison sentence.

Susan said, “I actually feel sorry for the young man resorting to such levels, I hope when he’s released from prison, he can sort himself out and make something of his life.”

Susan lost her purse and had a few credit cards charged up by the attacker and of course the cash in her purse was gone too. It might be very inconvenient having to replace those items but at least they can be replaced, your life however cannot!

Leaving the store late at night can be a potentially dangerous situation, like Susan did in this story always try to park under a light if possible, the lighter the better for your safety.

Try to have one hand free as this will give you a fighting chance should you be attacked, if not carry one bag with something you can swing at an attacker, imagine getting hit around the head by a bag containing a frozen chicken? There’s an instant weapon!

One thing to remember is to carry your car keys with the ignition key between your fingers as this is generally a larger key and can be used to great effect if attacked by jabbing at the attacker. If you don’t have a car key carry a pen with your thumb over the top, it`s light and can make a great weapon if needed again by jabbing at your attacker.

This story is a great example of needing to be situationally aware of both the surroundings and people around you. Be ready for an attack, chances are it won’t happen but if it does, you’ll have a much better chance of remaining safe.

Have you experienced an incident like this in a store parking lot at night? If so, were you able to defend yourself? Is this something you can honestly say you`d be prepared for if it did happen?

Author: selfdefensespecialist

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